Friday, May 19, 2023

get in dark skies

Spotted on item on Google Discover.

And while I'm not a big fan of the source, I headed over to the article by Jordyn Read on Yahoo News.

Entitled: Don’t shy away from nature's dark side - celebrate it.

Photo showed people camping tents, under a beautiful clear night sky, Milky Way overhead.

The article opens, "Before humanity discovered fire, people lived roughly half of their lives in darkness, relying on the moon and the stars as their guides."

Indeed. But you gotta go back quite a ways--200 000 years--for that pure, primitive experience!

A service is mentioned in the article that wants to help people celebrate it. Camping services for hipsters? Apparently they are also offering a map service that indicates where dark sites can be located. I tried it for Killarney Provincial Provincial Park but it didn't seem to work.

The author also advocates turning off our outdoor lights to minimise impacts on animals. 

This piece reminded me of something I've thought of before, and documented pointedly of my neighbour's boy when I was on Evelyn Crescent.


Humans fear the dark.

It's the stuff of horror movies but let's avoid some other unnecessary connotations here.

It's simply a primal, deep-seated thing.

And I believe it manifests itself for some in interesting ways.

So that's something I like in this article's spin. 

Don't be shy.

Get in dark skies.

Go camping.

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