Friday, May 19, 2023

noted the Oct 1942 doubles

Read Leland S Copeland's The Starry Heavens in October, with his all hand-drawn sky chart, from the Sky & Telescope magazine from 1942. Volume 1, Number 12.

He referred observer's to sights in Cassiopeia, including the doubles α (alpha), ι (iota), and η (eta). And the yellow-blue δ (delta) in Cepheus. He describes orange and blue γ (gamma) at the feet of resting Andromeda as handsome. 

Then he included a list of some 25 double stars, with separations from 2 to 36 arc-seconds, in the RA range 20 to 24. This is the third list in a series, with the previous lists showing in the June and August issues, and the next for December.

The data for the list came from the Boss General Catalogue, Aitken's Double Star Catalogue, and Innes's Southern Double Stars.

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