Monday, May 29, 2023

received a sale notice

A bell icon showed on Mnemosyne.

It was a notification from the SkySafari app by the Simulation Curriculum company.

A sales pitch.

SkySafari for Android was on sale. The full text was truncated but it looked like the price was $8 and change. Didn't capture the screen, dagnabit.

On John Valuk, I surfed into the Google store.

SkySafari 7 Plus on sale

OK. That's in-line with what I was expecting. Around $12 Canadian funny money. Maybe that $8 was USD?

This is one of those good sales they offer from time to time. About 50% off. 

I encourage people to wait for these sales from Sim Curr. It's a fair price, I think, when discounted. 

Launched SS6P on the motorola e6. 

in-app notice of new version

They noted it was actually more than 50% off. Indeed. 

And there's the expiry for the offer: 1 June 2023. Which is pretty quick!

Curious, I tapped the View button.

SS7P app info

Once again, info from the Google Play store.

What the hey?

"Not compatible."

Well, that just let the wind out of my sails.

I wasn't necessarily gonna buy. I wasn't gonna buy today. But I was curious my options. SkySafari 6 Plus and Stellarium Mobile Plus and some other apps (e.g. Pills) are taking up a lot of space on my phone. The phone is a modest device, works fine for me, but does not have a lot of memory.

I've even considered ditching SkySafari... I don't use it a lot. I've wondered if I can do what I need to with Stellarium. Be nice to keep both, for EPO, for demonstration purposes, but they are competing for space, the limited memory in the Android device.

Still, could an upgrade to v7 be an option? The Plus package with the mid-sized catalogues was a good solution for me.

But Sim Curr has slammed the door on this.

There's no upgrade path for me. Not now or immediately.

I ain't upgrading the phone anytime soon.

I hate these dead ends.

Anyhoo... the Public Service Announcement element of this blog post is to notify SkySafari fans that there's a good sale right now for the Plus version.

And I think it is viable or... safe, now? Over in Cloudy Nights, I watched many users struggle through the version 7 upgrade for months on iOS. Messy. Very messy. I would think most major issues are resolved and that the offering for Android is quite good, quite stable. But, obviously, I will not be able to test this. So, fair thee well...

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