Friday, May 26, 2023

some family astro (Elgin county)

After Movie Night. The Guardians had saved the Galaxy again.

Clear skies on the drive home from London.

They wondered, sis and Mom, at the extremely bright point of light in the north-west. Definitely Venus.

I noted the Moon up high. I had to lean a bit into the passenger window to tag it. Very high up. [ed: Around 50° according the Stellarium.]

Back in St Thomas, dropping off Number One Sister, I had them measure the gap.

Two hang-loose apart. So, Venus and the Moon were about 40 degrees. [ed: Correct. 38° according the Stellarium.]

simulated sky from Stellarium

They described it as half-lit. Sounded like it was near Third Quarter phase. [ed: Oops. First Quarter.]

Earlier, Mom had spotted a star above Venus. From her driveway, blocking the street light, two were obvious, in a right-angle triangle.

I suspected The Twins. [ed: Correct. The lucida according the Stellarium.]

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