Thursday, May 25, 2023

learned Rükl atlas is back

Oh ho. Look at that.

Dave C pinged me. He shared a new item from Sky & Telescope.

Subject: Now Available: Rükl's Atlas of the Moon

Atlas of the Moon front cover

All right. Looks like the famous atlas is back in print! For $100 USD.

Atlas of the Moon by Antonín Rükl is now available! 

The definitive Moon atlas is back!  By exclusive arrangement with Aventinum Publishing in Prague, here is the 7th English edition (2012) of the late Antonín Rükl’s authoritative pictorial guide to the Moon.  Revised, updated, and improved with expanded text and maps, this venerable atlas by the master of lunar cartography is the ideal reference guide for beginning Moon-gazers and expert observers alike. 

Each full-page map is accompanied by copious details about the location, size, and etymology of named features.  In addition to the original 76 maps of the lunar nearside, this edition includes eight maps of the Moon’s libration zones, full-hemisphere maps of the lunar nearside and farside, 50 images of key lunar features, and an extensive guide to making visual and photographic lunar observations. 

This is fabulous news for people pursuing their RASC Explore the Moon or Isabel Williamson certificates and in want of an excellent paper atlas.

If you're inclined, buy now.

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