Tuesday, February 02, 2021

shuffled Stellarium stuff

Did a bunch of Stellarium administrivia. Having another instructor means that I have to generalise everything to "we." And while I was sorta using the new GSuite—er, Google Workspace— account, I had yet to consider the best way to use things.

Gave Ian access to the Stellarium instructors account. Considered how we might use the "master" email going forward.

Added entries to the department calendar. This will become increasingly important in the future as more trainers come onboard. Integrated in the RASC Toronto Centre ICS feed to Ian and I can hopeful avoid conflicts.

Moved all the course files, student files, admin stuff out of my personal account over the RASC TC account. Important. Symbolic. Annoying. Google Drive does not offer a simple, fast way. The easiest for me proved downloading and uploading (believe it or not). But all the Google Docs morphed into Microsoft Weird documents so I had to convert them back! Crikey. Can't we all just get along?!

All this gave me a chance to update various files that needed tidying up.

Discovered problems. I'm on Windows; Ian's on Mac. My PowerPoint slide deck blew up. Maybe this needs to move to and live in Google Slides...

Next issue: ween people off my personal Google Drive...


Earlier, I rejigged content on the RASC TC web site, pulling the specific instructor information out of the course pages. It's better on the hub page.

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