Thursday, February 18, 2021

saw Adrian on the CBC

Woo hoo. Fellow RASC member Adrian Aberdeen was on the CBC National tonight. They interviewed him about his hobby during COVID and featured some of his excellent photographs. Fantastic!

I was pleased to hear Arsenault refer to his struggles with Toronto light pollution...


The segment is within the full live stream starting at 1:02:58.


Dave said...

i saw that bit on CBC too, trying to find his email address, i'm interested to know the telescope/equipment he was using.

bla said...

Hello "unknown."

Do I know you?


Dave said...

nope, just some random guy who watches the news on occasion. found this blog post googling trying to find contact info for Adrian. ;) no luck so far, figured i'll try the contact form on RASC-TO's website, hopefully that'll make it's way to him.

bla said...

Hello Dave. Well, as you might imagine, I don't give out emails of RASC members. Err, I don't give out emails to anyone. But if you want to send me an email we can chat more and I can refer Adrian to you, if he's willing. Use astronomy AT computer DASH ease DOT com to contact to me and to provide you contact details. Cheers.