Saturday, February 06, 2021

helped with software view

I had sent a follow-up message to Richard answering his part of the question about software, like Stellarium, and its presentation of a field of stars. Zooming in, turning on equatorial mount mode, showing the equatorial grid, and rotating the view 180° with the H and V flip controls.

Told him how I configured Stellarium to match his double star sketch.

Seems it helped him out.
That is great.  I spent a couple of hours using the equatorial orientation and grid to look at my drawings. 
This was good to hear.

He went on.
This double star observing is great since it there is too much light pollution in Sutton to do serious deep sky observing.  I used to live in Sarnia where I had no problem doing the Messier & NGC lists.  Those latter objects look better in photographs than to the naked eye whereas double stars are better in the telescope.  Some of them are amazing to look at.
A convert!

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