Saturday, February 06, 2021

helped a Regina member

Chris B of Regina pinged me. He was looking for a double star, OΣΣ 17, but having some trouble with the catalogue reference. He thought it was from the "Ottos Index" but was looking for a HD designation or a map

Happy to help. I sent a snap from SkyTools 3 Pro and shared facts and figures. I also referenced the Stelle Doppie page. 

That's awesome, thanks Blake!

He said he had SkyTools but had not installed it, not having a PC anymore.

He shared he was working his way through T.W. Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes (a book from the 60s). Then he said:

I'd never really bothered with the doubles but between your list and some of my observing friends who observe doubles I've been enjoying them more!  Sometimes Webb makes interesting notes so I'm creating a list just for fun.

Made me happy.

He shared that some of the double star nomenclature was rather foreign. He asked if he could ask about ones he can't sort out.


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