Wednesday, February 10, 2021

learned of Aline occultation

While watching Rick W's presentation on upcoming events, I noted the occultation of a mag 10 star in Taurus by asteroid Aline flying horizontally over south-western Ontario on 6 March.

I asked about the time. 0041h UTC.

So Friday 5 March 2021 around 8:00 PM.

Others asked about the elevation. Looked pretty high in the sky...

Hmm. Interesting! 

Aline shadow path

Look at that. Right over the backyard!

(266) Aline will occult TYC 0678-00196-1 for about 4.4 seconds. Rank: 99. Magnitude drop: 3.46. Moon: 50 % sunlit, 165° distance; Sun: 77° distance. Approximate projected width in km: 123.

I'm practically on the centreline!

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