Thursday, February 25, 2021

received SkyNews with my first full contribution

Received my SkyNews magazine in the mail, part of RASC subscription. The March/April edition.

cover of the Mar/Apr SkyNews magazine
There's an article on the Mi'kmaw Moons that I look forward to learning about.

Chris Vaughan will be talking about lesser-known spring galaxies.

There's a review of the Orion StarSeeker IV by Alan Dyer.

And Randy Attwood will discuss 60 years of human spaceflight with attention to contributions by Canucks.

The big deal, for me, with this issue is my first full article is published. I write about "The modern makers," amateurs and businesses keeping alive the skills and knowledge for building telescopes. The amateur telescope making community is reduced to be sure but vibrant and embracing new technologies. People still "push glass."

It's pretty thrilling being part of the writing team!

Of course, the magazine is filled with amazing photography.


See the online snippets for more info.

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