Thursday, February 25, 2021

posted suggested Feb '21 doubles

Prepared my double star "bulletin." It is a short list of suggested targets. I shared this on the RASC Toronto Centre forum. I post here for all.


Oh look. Clear skies. Yeh! Oh look. It’s nearly a full Moon!

Well, at least you can try for some double stars.

Here’s a short selection for February 2021 of double and multi-star systems from my life list for your observing campaign. I found them interesting.

staralso known asalternate catalogue(s)
26 AurBU 1240SAO 58280, HIP 26536
β (beta) CamS 459, 10 CamSAO 13351, HIP 23522
HD 63536 in CMiΣ1149 (Struve, STF)SAO 115981, HIP 38189
Tegmen in CncSTF 1196, ζ (zeta) 116, SAO 97645, HIP 40167
HR 3701 in LynSTF 1338, HD 80441HIP 45858, TYC 02991-0699 1

Can you split them? What subtle colours do you see? How different are they in brightness? I hope you will share your double discoveries with us.

Onward and upwards.

Blake Nancarrow
astronomy at computer-ease dot com

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