Friday, February 05, 2021

explained directions

Richard W and I were chatting about directions in the eyepiece. He wasn't really clear why we wanted this information for the double star observations in the new program log sheets.

I explained why it helps us know the position angle of a partner in a pairing. In fact, it can be measured, for those leaning to formal measurement. If viewing a binary, returning later and noting a change in the angle would show the orbital motion. From his sketch, I could tell the partners to beta Mon were to the south-east.


But I also shared that noting directions in the eyepiece is useful for moons around planets, planetary surface or albedo features, and even with deep sky objects, for example, when their were two in the view. Generally, a good habit, a best practice, for all types of observing.

I really enjoyed his log note and sketch!

He thanked me and said, "Your double star list is keeping me busy during COVID."

Wow. That made me feel good.

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