Wednesday, February 03, 2021

pitched multiple wx tools

Delivered my "weather tools" presentation at the RASC Toronto Centre online meeting. It was live-streamed on YouTube. The raw recording is available for viewing. My bit starts at 1:00:30 and ends at 1:37:49.

I wrote a companion article and posted it on the RASC TC web site.

At the conclusion, Ward asked if there was a way to predict conditions far into the future to aid in trip planning. If a Canadian destination, I suggested reviewing the Environment Canada historical and climate data pages. I showed my 3D surface map for the percentage of clear nights by month by hour. Eric said, "I like this graph!" High praise.

I also referred to the RASC Observer's Handbook. [ed. Page 72 in the 2021 edition. Essay entitled “Frequency of Nighttime Cloud Cover” by Jay Anderson. The maps are based on 16 years of data.]

No questions from the YouTube viewers but lots of questions outside and after.

Ron, on the RASC TC forums, asked about local weather. I encouraged him to carefully set his tools for local sites. I advocated AWC. Chris agreed.

Jim asked about portable weather products. I told him about the Oregon Scientific and OneWorld portable weather stations and shared links to my old presentations.

Paul from Ottawa (by direct email) asked about my home portal page hacked in HTML. I forwarded the address and suggested he dive into the code.

Wow. Neat.


Holy smokes. I totally forgot to mention in my presentation the Clear Sky Alarm Clock website. This takes Attilla Danko’s amazing data and applies criteria. Then when good conditions are headed your way for your favourite locations, you can receive email alerts. Told the RASC TC members. Updated my website article.

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