Thursday, February 04, 2021

an amazing shot

My sister shot a photo with her iTouch while walking to work this morning. Wow! Lots of bright parhelia goin' on.

parhelia from St Thomas

iPod Touch, f/2.4, 1/2717 of a second, ISO 25.

There's a super-bright Parry Arc. It is the big V-shape [ed: ah ha, I didn't realise the pun, at the time.]

There's a faint 22 degree halo around the Sun which touches the bottom of the Parry Arc. With a hint of colour, like a rainbow!

I bet there were bright Sun dogs left and right.

I think I see a faint pillar rising up from the Sun.

I asked if she was outside not shooting through glass? I was wondering what all the white specs were... She said the air was sparkling. Must have been really cold.

I shared the link to the Ice Halos page.


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