Tuesday, October 11, 2016

tried two StarShoots

Tried to test the two old Orion StarShoot cameras I have access to.

The StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera II (52068) is missing its software CD. I can't seem to find anything appropriate on the web.

The StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging Camera (52069) appears to be a complete set. While the camera driver seemed to install, MaxIm DL Essentials did not see the camera.

Tried the SSSSCI-IV software with the first camera. Could not get the camera recognised at all.

Tried the SSSSCI-II camera with the other software. No luck.

Found the SSSSCI-III setup software. It seemed to recognise the camera upon connection but MaxIm DL did not see it and PHD crashed.

Getting nowhere.


Ironically, stumbled across Geoff's review of the SSSSC from 2011.

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