Friday, October 07, 2016

spotted spots! (Bradford)

Powered up the Celestron CGEM. Without doing a full alignment, I wondered if it would track at sidereal rate. No matter. Once I manually eyeballed the target, at least I could use the hand controller to slew and nudge.

Except that one axis stopped working. Weird.

Could not focus. Removed the focuser.

Finally got it.

Viewed the Sun. Spots! Wow.

Offered views for Rhonda and Bree. But I was not sure if they understood the view. It was challenging with the tree leaves. The dirty eyepiece didn't help. I promised a better view on Saturday.

I was surprised to see lots of sunspots!

Simulated view using NASA imagery.

Spot 2599 was big! I saw 2600 on the edge. Noted 2598 as well but did not review it closely.

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