Saturday, October 22, 2016

tested the Tasco

Caught up with Rhonda. I was relieved to learn that she had not bought anything from the Snake Oil salesman instead planning to buy online. I, however, wasn't sure that a hybrid 0.965-1¼ mirror diagonal would work. The opening where the eyepiece would normally screw in was 0.82-something-something inches. Proprietary.

We also discussed the optical path. With a mirror, it would be longer. By about an inch. On a whim, I grabbed a prism. Happened to be a loaner 45° erecting unit. Jury rigged it to the OTA with little tiny rubber bands and a dash of hope. Popped in my ole Celestron Plössl 26mm and aimed into the back yard. Wow. I was able to focus on the trees! Huh. Was not expecting that. Unfortunately, it looked like I couldn't get the Tasco 17 EB to focus further than a dozen meters. We hit the inner focus limit.

I tried to remove the shaft at the back. It was secured with a small brass set screw. Once loose, I pulled the metal sleeve off. Oh. There was an inner metal tube—just as long. Damn. Still no way to get the mirror closer. Not without some major mods...

Still, it was a little inconclusive. The Moon would not rise until midnight. Shared that I did not like throwing stuff out if it might be made to work.

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