Thursday, October 13, 2016

centred on NGC 1973 (Halifax)

The BGO 'bot imaged NGC 1973 for me. This is a reflection nebula in Orion. It is one of the RASC Finest NGCs.

Formally, this is the bright but small nebula in the centre of the image. It appears to be part of the larger complex structure, NGC 1977, the centre of which is below or south, and a small, faint neighbour to NGC 1975 which is to the left or east. This area is often referred to as the Running Man Nebula given the dark region between 1973, 1975, and 1977.

The image is quite flawed. I think I'll shoot again.

RASC Finest reflection nebula NGC 1973 luminance

Luminance only, 60 seconds subexposures, 10 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, Paint.NET. North is up; left is east.

Of course there are a couple multi-star systems in the field.

North-east of centre is the obvious triple, STF 746.

To the south-east is 45 Orionis.


Image centred on NGC 1975.

Image centred on NGC 1977.


Wikipedia link: Sharpless 279.

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