Sunday, October 02, 2016

drew bracket version 3.0

Now that the iOptron / GoToStar declination motor was unmounted, I was able to look closely at it. And that's when I realised, while a good facsimile, it was unique in a number of ways.

Grabbed the calipers and measured it! Clearly the dovetail was not as long. But I was a little surprised to find the dovetail shorter too. That meant the stock grub/set screw locations I had chosen in version 1.1 would not work right. Well, only one set would grab.

After a few experiments in 123D, I moved them back or aft. And down a bit.

123D drawing of dec plate with new bolt locations

View from the top.

123D drawing of bottom of custom dec plate

From the bottom. Space for the bolt ridges clearly visible.

Sent the revised diagrams (in Imperial measurements this time) to Jeff. OK to go.

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