Friday, October 21, 2016

rejigged cases

Reshuffled things a bit. I had not found a home for the Williams Optics focuser (and the little spacer). Wanted something that would protect it. I also needed a spot for the focal reducer. Likewise, it needed to be padded. I also needed a place for the Canon-Backyard mirror lock cable. And the recently acquired Meade ETX adapter. Oh, and the USB-ethernet adapters! The old Blacks camera bag was vacated with all photographic gear now in the large thinkTANK Airport Commuter. The Blacks bag is now astronomy case φ. Somehow, thematically appropriate. While I was at it, I reevaluated things I was carrying about in the astronomy case α. Stuffed another sketch pad in case σ. Labelled the various NOCO cables in case ρ. Oh my: I have a lot of silica packs.

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