Tuesday, October 25, 2016

alignment of the stones

I did some research into the so-called TorontoHenge, wherein a chance alignment of Toronto streets lines up with the setting Sun.

I thought I'd crunch the numbers. All these values are approximate.

Many of Toronto's streets are canted at a 16 degree angle from the east-west direction. This includes St Clair, Bloor, Queen, and King. According to a compass and its bearings, the east end of these streets appears to point to the 74° position while the west aims to 254°.

Using Stellarium, for today's date, I checked the azimuth or compass bearing of the Sun while it was rising and setting.

108° sunrise
253° sunset

So, as you can see, the closest star is nicely aligned with many Toronto streets at sunset.

While I was at it, I checked for the morning opportunity. I knew it would happen earlier in the summer.

mornings, sunrise, August 23-24, 6:30 AM
evenings, sunset, October 22-23, 6:15 PM

Mark your calendars.


Oops. Forgot that this will happen a total of four times. The other two.

mornings, sunrise, April 17-18, 6:30 AM
evenings, sunset, February 17-18, 5:45 PM

OK. Mark you calendars again.

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