Monday, October 24, 2016

tested warmer

Found zippo lighter fluid today! w00t! At a strange, small convenience store with a lot of glass pipes. Hmmm.

The box of tins all looked pretty new. No dust. Bottom of the 133mL container had a dot matrix stamp: 091201615uvk. There also appeared to be another stamp overtop: 10/10/14 15 15. I hoped the stuff was fresh.

Added 20mL, with my little syringe, into the Restoration Hardware metal hand warmer. Again, did not overflow. Maybe I can try 25 or 30 next time.

I had the replacement burner installed. Also from zippo. Purchased from MEC? But, if I remember correctly, I never got it started with this new burner. It's made of some sort of fabric material unlike the original. The old was a metallic mesh shield.

Did some research: the new type is "platinum-catalyzed glass fibre." Huh. Glass fibres.

Lit it with a BBQ lighter. It worked! Started it at 5:50 PM. It short order, it warmed. The entire length of the burner started glowing. All right. Toasty!

Winter is coming.


8:14 PM. Still going strong.

9:25. Still good. Almost too hot to handle.

12:10 AM. Cool.

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