Friday, October 07, 2016

dinner time

I tried to find Venus, manually panning. No luck. I really had no idea if I was in the right area.

Of course the mount wasn't aligned to the pole yet.

Spotted the quarter-phase Moon to the south before heading inside.

Implemented red light mode inside. Bathroom, bedroom, desk, kitchen, stairs lighting. The base of the old floor lamp!

dive dive

Installed red film on the big computer monitor. Only found one sheet. Where was the other red film sheet, I wondered? I had had two pieces for the 22-inch Dell monitors. Had I loaned one out?

5:44 PM. Responded to a RASC council matter.

Received a SMS out of the blue from the CAO.

Had a quick dinner. Not really hungry.

6:05. Suited up.

An alert from CSAC for Halifax popped up. Oh ho. Maybe I'd be doing some astronomy on the east coast too...

6:33. Loaded up my wx portal page. Checked the weather predictions. Crap! The Environment Canada pages for Barrie and Newmarket showed rain in the late evening. No!

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