Thursday, January 21, 2016

tuned up seat

Did some repair/tune-up work on the "Big DOC" adjustable-height observing chair. The seat proper tilts down, very slightly. Somehow this feels disconcerting. Like I'm going to slide off. Constantly. It's especially bad in slippery pants!

Put another self-adhesive felt pad foot on each of the two existing pads, doubling the thickness. Added a third pillar to spread out the load. On test driving, the angle seemed better. And it was then I noticed that the dowels were loose again.

I had glued them before but they were no longer affixed. Briefly considered a very long bar running between the seat plates; that would limit rapid re-positioning. Then I had a thought: wood screws into the dowels from the outside. So found a pair of 1½" screws. I measured twice and drilled screw holes. Glued the dowel pieces again, this time with LePage epoxy Speed Set #5.

When the dowels are set (usable strength in 8 hours), I'll pilot and drive in the support screws.


I still want to make the seat surface... not smooth. I have sawdust ready to go. But I'm not sure if I still have the finishing material...

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