Friday, January 22, 2016

completed custom coupler

Visited The Source after work fully expecting to not find any relevant parts for my cable extension build project. Hope blossomed when I spotted the section with phone cords, ethernet jacks, couplers, etc. But then my heart sank. When I examined the wall jacks, they were 4-conductor. Hold on. Was about to leave when I noticed different packaging at the back of one of the files. I pulled the four off the front of the rack. w00t! A 6-conductor modular jack, like the one at home. Very happy. And not crazy expensive.

Just finished the assembly.

Unscrewed the posts from the new jack. Unclipped the wire terminals from the posts. Pushed the wires through the hole in the base. Then fed the wires from the bottom or outside into and inside the other wall jack. Loosened the screws on the original jack. Kept the original terminals in place. Then connected the terminals from the other side, swapping colours, of course. Blue to white, white to blue. Black to yellow, yellow to black. And lastly, red to green and green to red. Drilled a hole in the base of the opposite jack to line up with the other and bolted the two jacks together. Snapped the two covers in place.

hand controller connected via extension to new coupler

Tested the pin outs with the grey flat extension cord and the original IDEA GoToStar coiled cables.

OK to go!

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