Friday, September 21, 2007

finished Big DOC

I bought the Big Dave's Observing Chair unfinished with the intention of finishing it myself. I applied the final coat of spar varnish today.

Before the first coat, I sanded the chair to remove finger prints, smudges, dirt, etc. It looked good.

Then, as I started to paint it, I thought the varnish awfully dark. I suddenly realised the paint brush was filthy! It had looked clean... But all this black particulate was coming out of it. I must have used the brush to clean some greasy, oiled part on a car! Damn damn damn! What an idiot. Must mark brushes that are not to be used with paint...

The varnish soaked into the wood—doing its job—preventing me from sanding it out. Tainted, it left a darkened, dirty appearance. What a drag.

This was on the back rest, near the top. I should have started at an area "out of sight," I realised too late. Oh well.

Still. With the varnish, overall, the chair looks amazing.

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