Tuesday, January 19, 2016

new mount arrived

The Explore Scientific Twilight II mount with pier extension was delivered to one of the Carr Astronomical Observatory team members. He assembled it and reported it to be in good working order.
  • Good build quality.
  • Bearings are smooth
  • Tension controls easy to use.
  • Includes a captive spreader spider to stabilise the legs during use, and has 3 holes for eyepieces.
  • The dual Vixen saddles obviously have synchronised movements in altitude.
  • No built-in bubble level.
  • The two-section legs are tightened by two large wing bolts per leg and are easy to use.
  • The wing bolts (plastic wing, steel bolt, no plastic protector on the end of the threaded bolt) for leg extension adjustments dig into the physical leg section
  • Mount is probably not usable without the included 8” pier extension.
  • No user-maintenance beyond wiping down dirt.
He will deliver it to the CAO when the road opens. Just one of the new offerings for the CAO this coming summer.

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