Sunday, January 31, 2016

sorted photos

Holy cow I have a lot of photos.

About 95 gigabytes. Around 25 000 files.

It started out that I decided to merge two distinct, separate folders on the John Charles computer. I had a photography subfolder inside the astronomy folder which—obviously—was mainly astro pix. And while I had a photography folder off the root which was general purpose it still had a bunch of astro content. More and more I have been struggling tracking down items.

infographic for computer search patterns

Complicating matters was that I had a lot of photos, mostly astro, on the John Repeat Dance netbook. Ugh. OK. Merge them in too. Or to put that another way, back up the photographs from the portable!

A couple of days ago, the capacity bar in Windows had shown the E data drive was at 90%. Where the F drive had a lot of space. So, I set that as the target.

Moved the main photo folder (with over 10 years of images) to F. Then brought over the astro photo folder. Had to manually reconcile a few items. Then transferred all the photo folders from the netbook D partition. A lot more reconciliation by hand had to be done with this lot... That was a little aggravating.

And then I stumbled across the sub-sub folders inside My Pictures on the ASUS Eee PC: all the imaging runs and video from BackyardEOS! Yowzers! Sitting on the C partition, of course. OK. Brought all that over to the Charles F platter drive.

Incredible. That was not trivial.

Happy though. Everything's in one spot. The E drive has more breathing room. The netbook has a lot more room.

And tomorrow I'll back up to the external terabyte drive...


Found still more photos and video, misfiled.

About 125 gigabytes. Around 30 500 files.

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