Thursday, January 21, 2016

two cart repairs

Affected two repairs to the mobile marine battery power tank in the cooler bag buggy system.

At last, I installed the 9" length of old garden hose on the outrigger rope. I installed the rope three years ago. That acrylic plastic tube was a silly notion.

Then I had a look at the retractable handle. Ah. So it wasn't my imagination.

The retractable handle on the was designed to go down more, deeper, flush with the top of the cooler bag. And I then discovered why it was not descending the final stage: the rectangular tubes had been bent and crimped! The degree of compression in the channel was enough to stop the inner tube from sliding down. The weird thing was that the handle had been bent forward! I would have thought a outward flexing would be more likely. When did that happen?!

Nevertheless, I had a go at fixing. I removed the cooler bag proper. I gently bent the tubes so straight. And then, with special vice grips, I compressed the tubes on their sides. Not bad. Not bad at all. And, while stiff, the handle retracts fully again.

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