Friday, January 22, 2016

already found a design!

I've been thinking about a grab-and-go telescope again. And the Edmund 6-inch Newtonian sitting here collecting dust... I wondered what would be involved in converting it to a Dob...

As I settled into my seat on the train ride into the city, I jumped into Evernote. Did a search on Edmund to review if I had any notes. Wait! What? I found a note entitled "Newtonian conversion project." Huh. I started this note last year...

And then in the body, under the ideas heading, I found two intriguing links (which, frustratingly, I could not immediately open).

The first item said: adjustable cradle!, very nice design, simple, simple rocker box, non-invasive. Dang! Sounded perfect!

The second item read: collapsible rocker box!, they offered kits, or will build it. I don't know if this is critical for a 6". Still. Sounded interesting.

Clearly, I had already been thinking about this...

Perhaps with a bit of wood and some hardware, I can start frequently using the old Edmund Scientific as a Dobsonian.

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