Friday, January 29, 2016

ETX 90 on external power

Tested driving the Meade ETX 90 (RA) from an external power source. Used a spare multi-voltage adapter at 4.5 volts. It worked!

photo of Meade ETX90 battery holder

The battery clips are inter-connected in a Z-pattern. Almost wired it up wrong... Double-checked. Tripled-checked. "Don't blow it up," I worried.

drawing showing wiring of ETX90 battery holder

So now I must consider a permanent solution. Except that I must be non-invasive. Perhaps I can solder some wire leads to the outside of the two key battery clips. And then I can run the wires through an existing 1/4-20 hole in the base to a simple jack.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you please tell me what voltage is suppied to the motor by this board? I we got a problem - batteries leaked, and i dont know is the board okay

bla said...

Three batteries each at 1.5 volts in series means 4.5 volts total.