Wednesday, May 16, 2012

out of sync

Manuel phoned. We talked about the CAO. He wanted to go. Yes! We started talking about times and travel arrangements for the coming weekend.

I was putting a bit of pressure on him to get out of his usual Saturday work commitments. Then he could go up for Friday. Get another night in. Another night of dark skies! He liked the idea but was not able to do so. Normally he runs the office on Saturday to early afternoon. While he had some new staff and their training was going well he still didn't think he could make it happen for Friday. Ida needed him too. Therefore, he'd have to work Saturday during the day. He wouldn't be able to depart the city until Saturday afternoon. My work, on the other hand, completed Friday (early, in fact, at 2:00 AM). So I was interested in going to the observatory in that same day, so to take advantage for Friday night.

He offered me a ride. He was very keen for me to join him. I think he likes road trips with friends. And he promised good music. "Some good rock and roll." It sounded fun. But it looked like we were out of sync, again. I really wanted to be there Friday. Gotta be there. Especially with crazy Canadian weather. I declined his ride invite. Encouraged him to put the word out on the RASC Toronto Centre listserv. Ask other frequent users.

Manuel then intimated that he'd not go if I wouldn't join him. Oh, man. Don't lay that trip on me. He laughed it off but I was uncomfortable. I think he likes visiting the CAO when there's going to be people there whom he knows. But now it was extended or expanded to the journey. No. Can't do that. And don't ask me to give up a potential good night to hold back, to stay in the city, to sync up. No. That's not fair. Sheesh. I felt backed into a corner.

We both need to smarten up.

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