Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tony has a 'scope! (Toronto)

I tease Tony terribly. I remark that I have never seen him at an eyepiece. Didn't recall every seeing a telescope at his house.

Surprise, surprise, I noticed a 'scope in the backyard as I was helping tidy up after his birthday party. He had his 6" MCT on equatorial mount aimed at the Moon. But by the time Kiron and I looked through the eyepiece, the tree was blocking it.

We moved the 'pod a little bit east, I roughly polar aligned, and we tagged bright Luna. I suggested the lowest power eyepiece. It was a great view in a surprisingly dark sky.

Tony came out at this point. Offered an adjustable polariser. Attentuated the intense light. Like my old PL lens caps... Nice!

Then I trained on Jupiter. Bumped to medium power. Could just make out some bands, when the tripod stopped vibrating. No GRS visible. All four moons were out. Kiron thought he detected different sizes. Tony suggested it was differences in brightness.

It's a great little 'scope. It's about the aperture I think would be suitable for a grab-and-go. Just gotta find a table-top set-up.

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