Monday, September 20, 2010


I found Perma Fluid, in a petrol lighter refill tin, at a local convenience store. It's by Ronson. But the Restoration Hardware hardwarmer refuses to light. The fuel stinks! Bad. Really bad. Can lighter fluid go rancid?!

I was told once, by MEC staff no less, to throw out my "old" camping white fuel: it was rancid.

There's printing on the bottom of the 100mL container: 08.08.03. So then it's either 3 years old or 8 years old!


Poured some on the ground and lit it. It worked.

That was not a very conclusive test...

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Unknown said...

So, do you think a fresh batch of Ronsonol would have worked, rather than searching high and low for some Nibo stuff?