Wednesday, September 22, 2010

meeting night

I went to the RASC Toronto Centre meeting (lecture) at the Ontario Science Centre. Got a few things done.
  • caught up with Terry
  • verified Diane received from me copies of the NOVA eval form and the Centre's "benefits of membership" document
  • chatted with Gilles about the incredible quantity of nichrome wire that I have (and the emergency use of 12 volt hair dryers)
  • gave Ralph the cash payments, to date, for SkyTools3, as per David's instructions
  • received Bob's cheque for SkyTools3 from Ralph
  • procured ride to CAO for work party / open house
  • received Stu's help request for his Centre email account
  • received Phil's requests for forwarding recent emails from Eric (SCOPE newsletter) and Lillian (AAA report with group photo)
  • chatted with Scott about CAO fire and safety equipment knowledge transfer and training
  • learned that ozone levels might not be steady over long periods of time
  • learned that the amount of "good" ozone in the upper atmosphere is equivalent to a layer 3 millimetres thick!
  • pointed out the date mistake for the DDO members only observing session on the announcements handout
  • pitched the SkyTools3 Standard Edition we now have in inventory, for sale to members
  • grabbed a couple of the new Transport Canada pamphlets on green laser pointers
  • said hello quickly to Sharmin
  • eyeballed the Galileoscopes...
  • played more with Stellarium on the iPhone (thanks, Steve!)
  • caught up with Van
  • talked to Van briefly about evaluating Rogers wireless internet service up north...
  • had a great chicken curry dinner at the pub
  • pointed Leslie to Eric and Ralph to track down our Publisher software, so to help Sue get up to speed
  • was able to give John B a ride home (he had taken the tube up); which, of course, gave me an opportunity to get up to date on the loan equipment
The weirdest part of the evening was when I was told the Guy and Ralph had both forgotten to bring the announcement presentation file. Ralph was very uncomfortable, very uncomfortable, with the prospect of delivering off paper... Fortunately, I had it in my email (POP; not IMAP) inbox. I jumped online, downloaded it. But, as we suspected, it was a slightly older version, so I did some quick updates.

Good thing they have an IT guy around...

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