Saturday, September 11, 2010

tested heater

As I dried out all my equipment, Katrina dropped by the site with her Kendrick secondary mirror heater, adapter plug, extension cable, and controller.

With my voltmeter from the power tank kit, we performed a variety of continuity and resistance checks. Everything seemed OK.

Bill, new member, observed for a bit. His multi-tool came in handy when we decided to open her (off-warranty) controller case. No burn marks, scoring, cold solders. I was a little worried the RCA jack pins through the print circuit board might be touching the metal case. So we lined the inside with electrician's tape. Bolt everything up.

We performed operational tests with my identical controller and its 7 amp fuse. Everything worked! Weird!

So, one possibility is that her setup is pulling more than 6 amps. Another is that was a short against the case. I dunno...

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