Sunday, September 12, 2010

home via 35 & 48

I wanted to avoid the Hwy 11 & 400 madness on returning from Algonquin.

After breakfast, I pulled out the netbook and with Lora and Phil's guidance, plotted a route through Minden via Hwy 35, past Balsam Lake provincial park via Hwy 48, then over to the top of the 404.

It proved good. Not fast, but no tie-ups. Beautiful vistas while north, cliff faces, falling rocks, lakes, everywhere lakes, and green. Continuous green. And, near civilisation, with Kiron in the car, we got to use the High Occupancy lanes!

Now? Time to decompress, clean the loaner car of sand, prepare for the launch of the First Light, plan for a teach the middle of this week, and—somehow—find time to update the blog.

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