Sunday, September 26, 2010

cup warmer

Phil spotted the 12-volt coffee cup warmer on sale at Canadian Tire.

He found that the heating pad was 28 x 13 cm with a detachable 1.5 m power cable. The ends of the pad have Velcro to facilitate wrapping around a coffee mug. The power cable (12v cigarette lighter plug on one end) is fused at 10 amps. The rating of the pad is 10 W. The entire pad produces a very even warmth that is pleasant to the touch. He could not feel any individual wires (unless they are extremely thin) throughout the pad.

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Anonymous said...

A show of hands how many of you who bought this will actually use it as a cup warmer. Ha - just as I thought. You're all sitting on your hands staring vacantly at the floor. Stop the geekiness!!!