Tuesday, September 07, 2010

got car; will camp

Kiron and I discussed ride sharing to Mew Lake.

Last year, by myself, in the 2-door E30, I was packed to the gills. The prospect of taking, this year, 2 telescopes, 2 tents, 2 bicycles, 2 sets of clothes, associated gear... We'd need a bigger vehicle! Much bigger, if we wanted to be comfortable.

Kiron rejected my idea of renting an SUV or minivan. Way too expensive. By the time I got 'round to reserving a rental car, as part of the back-up plan, one couldn't get a truck anyway. I put a hold on a "large" car (Malibu or equivalent). Kiron said that wouldn't be much larger than his...

Phil, ever helpful, suggested I could use his Thule roof rack system. But it would require the roof attachment kit for whichever car we'd take. Too complicated...

Then an idea dawned on me. I emailed Willy to see if he had a spare car kicking around, one with large capacity. I was thinking of the champagne 5er touring. He said it would be no problem my borrowing it. But it didn't have a hood, front grill, or front fenders! They were being repainted. We'd have to fetch them then bolt them up. When we visited the paint shop (memories of Orange County), son and pop shook their heads. Not done yet.

Willy, thinking out loud, said, "What about the X5? What about one of the sedans?" I was worried the X5 he'd need for hauling stuff. The green 5er sedan would work although with a bit less space than the wagon. It would also support my bike rack; likely not an option for the touring's rear glass door.

The final snag was that the green car was in Markham, at the (dumbass) mechanics. So, off we went.

Now it's in my driveway, ready to be loaded.

I'm grateful to Lora and Phil for letting me stay with them and, in addition, letting me use their gear.

I now must pack very light.

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