Friday, September 17, 2010

quick log entries into ST3P

I have been a bit concerned the few times I've been using SkyTools3 Pro that some of the targets it suggests I have already viewed. In fact, the doubles 39 and π Boo that Kiron and I recently looked at, I had previously viewed. Not that it wasn't enjoyable... I just want to concentrate on new items. For now.

After some brief searching in the help and documentation as well as the Yahoo!Group, it seems that there is not a viewed/unseen status. At least, not a permanent one. Rumours that this will be added in version 4.

So, it appeared to me that the best way to make a note of already seen objects was to produce a log entry. Oh boy... I've viewed about 75 Messiers, a gaggle of NGCs, and over 120 double stars. I wasn't about to create properly-dated, detailed log entries for all of these!

After a bit of fiddling, I found that I could create an empty log entry with dummy location and telescope details. This will suffice as a simple, fast tag. And this lets me, at a glance, know what I have already looked at.

All that said, there is no way of filtering on logged/unlogged items. Will have to be done manually. At least a list can be sorted by this.


Oh! I was happy to discover that when using the automatic generation option, one can exclude previously logged items!

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