Tuesday, July 20, 2021

tore down toaster

Tore down the found toaster. KitchenWorks T39. Lots of parts I can harvest, like springs and cages, AC cord.

toaster guts - main frame

Oh. A little bit of electronics on board (that's probably what failed). Can get those parts too.

toaster guts - PCB

That board has resistors, bimetallic strips, a transistor, an electrolytic, and an IC! What?!

toaster guts - toasting chamber

I have never seen nichrome in a flat ribbon. This might be useful in low-profile applications.

Testing time!

toaster guts - testing outside element

Tested the horizontal strips, which were on the outside. Around 3 ohms.

toaster guts - testing inside element

Tested the diagonal strips, the central heater. Around 6 ohms.

All photos with the motorola e6.

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