Saturday, July 17, 2021

installed new keyboard

Treated myself to a Red Dragon RGB keyboard for my desktop computer, John Max. The specific model is the Mitra, K551.

Surprisingly heavy. Clearly not made of plastic only. Mechanical keys, clack, clack, clack—which I love.

RGB keyboard

Of course, the main reason for this was to have an easy-to-use keyboard in low-light. And during astronomy sessions, one that I could operate in red light mode.

There's a Fn (fun) key on it. It allows control of lighting modes. But documentation was a little lacking and I could not figure out how to get one colour to be on and remain at steady brightness. Downloaded the app, but it didn't work...


Sunday, I did another search, found the software on a Thailand web page. Technically for the Vara keyboard, but compatible. Lots of controls, including brightness. I set up a profile to run the keyboard in red colour, steady, no pulsing. Perfect.


Learning to touch-type was an amazing thing. I was so surprised to discover that I could type in complete darkness. Still, an illuminated keyboard is very useful.


Is my error rate going down?! It feels like I'm making less typos as I go... I dunno. But maybe the mechanical keys have something to do with that!

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