Wednesday, November 29, 2017

reinstall the Occult apps and add-ins

Ran through the entire Occult Watcher set-up again. I deleted everything. I rebooted.

Set up Occult. It is required for the Lunar Occultation add-in. And perhaps I'll use the Occult Tools add-in as well.

Installed the app. Downloaded from the Occult page at IOTA (which referred to version 4.2.0). Used the hyperlink to download the file. Followed the instructions for the manual set-up. Created a directory (natch, folder) on C's root. They suggested "occult 4." Unzip the files. The documentation said there would be 9 files. Hello, there's 11. That's not good. These days, with software threats, they should be precise. I created the shortcut on the desktop. I skipped the option to run as admin as I had not put the subfolder within the Program Files folder.

Configured the app. Launched Occult. It made its subfolders. I let it download the two files for resources and sites. I saw my previously used settings (including dummy SMTP mail stuff) as when I had a configured it before. I downloaded the data again. This time I included the Tycho database. I briefly tested Occult. It seemed OK.

On to Occult Watcher. Tried to follow the instructions on the OW 4.5 "publish" page. It's confusing though with the hyperlink "Download" title which refers to a file called OWsetup.msi (and that's an old version of OW, 3.9). I ignore that and downloaded the file. This seemed correct as the install version was This time I did not create the folder under Program Files (which I had done on my first attempt). As instructed, I ran the OWupdate.exe program as the administrator.

Configured the app. It picked up my previous settings. So I changed nothing. Tried testing. The main listing generated OK. I activated the Lunar Occultations for Close Double Stars feed but it didn't seem to work. I checked the Add-ins menu. Tried to configure the Lunar and Occult Tools items. They issued errors. That an old version of Occult was installed. Huh? That didn't make sense.

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