Saturday, November 11, 2017

clustered around NGC 7619 (Halifax)

For fun, I charged the Burke-Gaffney Observatory with imaging the group of galaxies around NGC 7619 in Pegasus.

cluster of galaxies around NGC 7619 in luminance

Luminance only, 60 seconds subexposures, 10 stacked shots. FITS Liberator, GIMP. North is up; east is left.

This is an interesting group of galaxies and I can't help but wonder if it is part of a formal group. SkyTools 3 Pro shows that NGC 7619 is west of ACO or Abell 2594. Is it part of it?

To the north-west, well away, near the top-right of the photograph, is LEDA 1344694. It is just a little bit north-east of the bright pair of stars. It looks like a distant canted spiral galaxy.

Still north-west but closer is a very dim round patch. LEDA 142907 is just below the faint star J231948.8+081639.

Nearby, to the south-south-west, is a small almond shape. LEDA 1342934.

To the west of these two dim objects is the rather large but faint galaxy UGC 12510 aka PGC 71085. I don't see a spiral arm structure; perhaps it is an elliptical.

Close the NGC 7619, to the west-north-west, I see a faint fuzzy. Below star J231959.2+081401. It is not tagged in ST3P.

LEDA 197669 is nearly due west. It is medium-sized and bright. Nearly perfectly round.

Far away to the south-west is the long streak of LEDA 214939. It looks to be a edge-on spiral but does not show any brightness at the core.

Unlike NGC 7611 to the south. A smooth large oval with a very bright central region.

Near 7619 is NGC 7617. To the south-west. The outer edges of this galaxy are very dim; the core is very intense.

MCG 1-59-54 is due south of 7619. It is barely visible at the bottom edge of the photo. It appears as a large but dim face-on spiral.

NGC 7626, to the east of 7619, appears almost identical. Elliptical, bright, about the same size.

Tiny LEDA 3097931 is visible just a bit north of 7626.

At the far north, at the edge of the frame, is the round fuzzy of LEDA 1344674.


For the first time, with this image, I tried the OFFSET option. I specifically used
which shifted the mount (positive) 10% in R.A. and negative 10% in Dec. The end result appear with the centre of the image down and right or west and south of 7619. I did this primarily to include NGC 7611 at the bottom-right. Wait a sec'. Isn't R.A. decreasing?

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