Saturday, November 18, 2017

checking visibility part 5

That was serendipitous.

I was looking for star charts which presented the Milky Way galaxy "flat" or a chart that was oriented in the galactic perspective. Found a cool map.

When I revisited the page (called Commentary on Star Atlas in Galactic Perspective) and read the entire article (with references back to the Apollo missions), I stumbled across his hand-drawn Local Meridian Finder figure. Wow!

local meridian finder for date and time (inverted)

This is very useful as a quick and easy low bandwidth tool for predicting visibility. For example, the graphic says that on 20 Nov at midnight, objects between RA 3 and 5 will be well placed.

Shared on the RASC forum.

[ed. Grahic by Robert Fritzius used with permission. Colour-inverted by Blake.]

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