Tuesday, November 14, 2017

quickly designed cap

As I planned a trip to the Toronto Public Library, I considered what I might produce with a 3D printer. Didn't think I should proceed with making the replacement latch for Mom's old cassette deck. The iOptron motor cover I had designed back in March 2016 was not an option. Didn't need a spacer for the C8 and Williams Optics focuser. I wasn't prepared to design (or refine) the new deep red flashlight case. I checked Evernote for ideas. Ah. A cap for the Vixen Super Polaris mount to cover the sky-facing port of the polar axis scope. A nice little small project...

polar axis scope cap designed in 123D

Quickly dashed off the design in Autodesk 123D. Saved the STL file to a SD card.

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