Tuesday, November 14, 2017

checking visibility part 3

We heard from Nick!

He thanked everyone for their responses.

He shared he's been using many of the tools we've already referred him too. And he indicated he's using the "intro" version of SkyTools. I think he means the Starter edition.

He also told us about objects he likes looking at. Sue French's Asterisms list, Palomar Globulars, Harvard objects, Abell objects, Jones 1, Klemora 4, Basel 1, Jonckheere 900, ESO galaxies, some red variable stars, etc. Whoa. Some of those are faint.

SkyTools Starter edition only includes 4 million stars, down to magnitude 12.5.

Nick said that DSO Browser was the best tool for him but doesn't allow the adding of objects. He also said he cannot search by RA & Dec. Oh.

He asked again, "What is 'this easy calculation?'"

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