Wednesday, November 15, 2017

delivered TSTM

Delivered The Sky This Month presentation at the Ontario Science Centre for the RASC Toronto Centre.

The time frame reported on runs from 15 Nov to 13 Dec. The meeting was streamed live; final video will follow soon. My presentation notes were used to form the web page article. As usual, it includes a downloadable month-at-a-glance calendar. There are observing list files available for SkySafari and SkyTools. New, this time, I made an Excel file.

Wore my red LED name badge programmed as "Blake. Space Tour Guide." People liked that.

Wore my eclipse t-shirt too.


View the captured rough-cut video on YouTube. Sheesh, I look funny. This includes all the speakers in the evening. About 2 hours in length.

Updated video online. Just the TSTM. About 30 minutes.


Accolades from various members. No, thank you.

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