Thursday, November 30, 2017

assessed the damage

Tore down ETX to assess the damage.

The right fork arm was completely broken. It tore away from optical tube assembly and the base! The three arm mount points were broken. Short fasteners normally screw into these posts to hold the arm to the base. Two were fully snapped off. One was broken at the mid-point but I suspected the screw wouldn't reach it. The OTA attaches to the arm by two bolts. One mount hole was destroyed with the bottom ripped out. One OTA machine screw was missing. Was it in the grass; was it ever there?

The left fork arm was attached to the base and felt secure. [ed: I discovered later that one screw mount was damaged, probably in the crash.] The OTA mounting plate was damaged with one corner cracked. It disintegrated when I removed the bolt.

There was no interior damage, that is, nothing wrong with the motors and gears. Guts were good!

Happily, there was nothing wrong with the telescope proper. The expensive bit.


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